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The CHG Business Development team builds trusted partnerships between CHG and the large hospitals and healthcare systems we serve around the country. We assist these facilities in every way possible with permanent and temporary staffing of physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals

We help our clients understand the many ways in which healthcare professionals can help them generate revenue and maintain high-quality patient care. With the increasing shortage of providers and the changing landscape of healthcare, healthcare professionals will become increasingly valued. There is no company in the country that is better equipped to provide multiple staffing solutions than CHG Healthcare.

Our Business Development team is responsible for compiling RFPs for all CHG divisions. Please contact Rick Barker for more information at 800-328-3051.

More than staffing

We are experts not only in providing staffing solutions, but also in consulting with and conducting research for our clients to help them make the best staffing decisions. This includes improvements to their internal processes using the Lean and Kaizen philosophies.

The Lean and Kaizen philosophies

As part of our commitment to our core value of Continuous Improvement, we offer our experience with Lean and Kaizen as a service to our clients.

We have implemented periodic Kaizen events at client facilities. Originating in Japan, the purpose of Kaizen is to involve the people performing certain tasks in spotting wasteful activities and improving daily business processes. We have held successful Kaizen events for clients in their recruiting, accounting, billing, and credentialing departments as an added value to their contract with us. It’s all part of being their trusted partner.

Putting people first

Our Business Development team has tripled in size in the past three years and we have seen a 50 percent increase in client accounts. We believe this reflects our dedication to customizing and facilitating the staffing solutions that are needed. We listen to our clients’ strategies and what they’re planning to do to react to the changes that are coming, and then we put our subject-matter experts to work strategizing ways to meet those plans. Our team also acts as a liaison between a healthcare facility and the staffing experts in each of our divisions to help the facility put its plans into action.

Other staffing companies have come and gone, but we believe CHG is financially and strategically positioned to serve successfully as a trusted partner to the American healthcare industry for many years to come.

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