Scott Beck, President and Chief Executive Officer

Growing up in a tightknit Idaho family, Scott always looked up to his father, who was a physician. Inspired by the important work his father did every day, Scott decided that he too wanted to go into medicine and help people. He was on a pre-med track at the University of Utah until his marketing classes helped him realize he also had a passion for business. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in marketing, he earned an MBA in marketing and business from Westminster College.

For Scott, CHG is the perfect intersection of healthcare and marketing. CHG healthcare clinicians touch the lives of millions of patients and families each year, and Scott takes great pride in helping to organize that effort. He has a passion for creating an entrepreneurial environment where leaders can grow and thrive. Scott works each day to build a world-class service organization that places healthcare professionals where they’re needed and when they’re needed, to the patients who need them most.

Scott’s family has a serious case of wanderlust and they love to travel the world. They traveled to Kenya and helped build a school for children in a remote area—an experience that had a profound impact on Scott, his wife, and their two children. Eager to help even more, his son returned to Kenya for three weeks to assist in the building of more schools. Scott took great pride in watching his young son bravely travel without his parents to go and make a difference in the world.

Mark Law, Chief Operating Officer, CHG

Like many youth of his day, Mark grew up idolizing metal bands like ACDC, Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica. Though he dreamed of becoming a rocker himself, it became painfully clear at an early age that he had absolutely no musical talent. Ever the loyal fan, Mark sported a mullet for several years and can still be found listening to heavy metal as he cruises into work each morning.

A Utah native, Mark attended the University of Utah and graduated with a degree in finance. He remains a rabid U of U fan and his office is a sea of red. Following college, Mark’s transition from rocker to businessman was relatively smooth, though he still had one remnant from his rocker days early in his career at CHG—a ponytail. It’s been thrilling for Mark to watch the company grow and develop. One of his main goals is to help the company maintain its unique culture and people first focus as it gets bigger.

Mark, his wife, and their two children love living in the West, with its rugged beauty, relaxed pace, and amazing people. In fact, a recent outdoor highlight for Mark was going to Moab, Utah, on a trip with his son. They camped among the beautiful red rock of the area and rafted down the Colorado River.

Sean Dailey, Chief Financial Officer

Growing up in Ohio near the shores of Lake Erie, Sean was drawn to sailboat racing at a young age. He spent much of his childhood developing his skills and competing on the beautiful waters of the Great Lakes. This love for racing has continued throughout his life.

While earning his degree in accounting at the University of Georgia, Sean found time to run on the track team. He still runs today and competes in ultramarathons. In February of 2012, Sean and his brother completed New Zealand’s “Coast to Coast,” a 150-mile adventure race that required them to traverse the entire South Island in two days by running, cycling and kayaking.

Sean joined CHG in 1998 and has acclimated to the unique offerings of Utah. A father of two, Sean is happiest when he’s spending time outdoors with his family. He and his children are avid kart racers. It’s important to note that the go-karts the Daileys race aren’t the type you see at amusement parks—they are competition-grade vehicles capable of speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, similar to the kind used to train NASCAR champs such as Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon. Whether it’s in a sailboat, kayak, or kart, Sean loves challenging himself and learning new skills.

James Marshall, Senior Vice President, Finance

James grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO capitol of America. Interestingly enough, not much was said about aliens in those days. The town was mostly known for the rocket experiments that scientist Robert Goddard conducted there in the 1930s and ‘40s. Many kids in Roswell attended Goddard High School and took pride in their moderately famous hometown hero. It wasn’t until he returned years later that James witnessed the town’s startling transformation into an over-the-top UFO emporium.

James has always been inspired by his older brother, so when his brother entered the Navy’s elite SEALs training program, James followed in his footsteps. He attended a military college with the hopes of becoming an officer in the Navy, however, his passion for numbers led him to a career in accounting. He continued his education at New Mexico State University and graduated in 1991 with a degree in accounting.

James joined the CHG team in 1998 and has been thoroughly impressed by the company’s commitment to its putting people first culture. He is thrilled to be a part of CHG, working with the best leadership team out there. James loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, enjoying the beautiful Utah seasons, from summers on the golf course to winters on the ski slopes.

Leslie Snavely, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Leslie hails from the town of Shelby, Ohio. She’s proud of her small-town roots and feels that growing up in Shelby helped her learn the value of good relationships. It instilled values in her that she still draws upon while serving as a sales and marketing leader.

Leslie graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s of science in finance and accounting. As senior vice president of marketing and business development for CHG Healthcare Services, she leads a team of 70 marketing and sales professionals responsible for brand positioning, creative execution, communications planning, public relations, and business development for the company. In everything she does, Leslie focuses on leveraging creative thinking and strategy to deliver profitable results.

While she treasured the rolling farmland of her hometown, Leslie is thriving amongst Utah’s rugged and diverse terrain and now considers herself a “mountain girl.” She and her husband are the proud parents of two darling children, whom Leslie considers her greatest accomplishments.


Mike Peterson, Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Mike is a Salt Lake City native. He credits his parents with teaching him from a young age that he could accomplish absolutely anything he wanted to in life. This no-boundaries philosophy was taught to Mike while he rode in the back seat of his parents’ car as a small child. They’d tell him he could have any car he wanted when he turned 16--as long as he bought it. Mike took this to heart and saved every dime. He got his first job in sixth grade, working for a local vegetable farmer. His efforts paid off when he turned 16, and he bought a beautiful blue ’67 Firebird.

After graduating from Weber State University with a degree in information technologies, Mike earned an MBA from Westminster College. As vice president of information technologies at CHG, his goal is to provide a flawless experience to business partners and sales teams, so they can provide a flawless experience to their providers, clients and patients. As the company grows, Mike’s team strives to enable and support this growth.

Mike is a restless sort who always prefers to be moving. He runs 3-5 days a week and loves hiking through the Rocky Mountains. He treasures the moments he’s spent in remote meadows listening to the wind blowing through the trees. He recently added archery to his list of outdoor activities. Despite his adventurous soul, he truly enjoys his job at CHG. In fact, if he had one wish in life it would be that everyone in the world would look forward to coming to work each day as much as he does.

Kevin Ricklefs, Senior Vice President, Talent Management

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Kevin had his sights set on becoming a mathematician. He dedicated himself to the subject throughout high school and later earned a college degree in applied mathematics.

Rather than commit to the lifelong string of tests which career mathematicians face, Kevin decided to join a business team where he could put his data processing skills into action. His Talent Management teams run all of CHG’s “people” aspects, including attracting new talent, training and developing employees, providing benefits, planning celebrations and being there on the bittersweet day when beloved employees retire. Kevin excels at analyzing groups of people and knowing how best to motivate them. Often, this includes Kevin infusing the room with the unique brand of energy that has made him a company legend.

Kevin and his wife are the proud parents of two teenage boys. Their eldest son just moved out of the house to start college, meaning the Ricklefs will be empty nesters when their younger son graduates high school in a few short years. This is a radical concept that has left them wondering how they’ll fill their time. For his part, Kevin is considering a graduate degree in mathematics.

David Baldridge, Chief Strategy Officer, CHG

David Baldridge was named Chief Strategy Officer in 2016. Baldridge joined CHG Healthcare in 1990 as a client representative and has since held a wide range of positions at the company, including group president of locum tenens and allied health divisions. A seasoned healthcare executive and sales leader, Baldridge has served on various executive boards and associations, including the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO). Baldrige has played a significant role in implementing the hiring practices that have helped create CHG’s award-winning culture and he has also driven the company’s technology advances. Baldridge holds a bachelor’s of science in business administration from Oklahoma State University.

Dan Thomson, Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Dan Thomson grew up in Covina, California, about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The tiny city, whose motto is “One Mile Square and All There,” boasts an extremely diverse population, which helped Dan learn from a young age how to appreciate other cultures and get along with people. He treasures his time in Covina as a great life experience.

As a boy Dan wanted to be a chemist, because they got to blow things up. He excelled in his high school science classes and enrolled at Brigham Young University intent on earning the right to professionally blow things up in a lab. Dan developed strong new interests while in college, however, and he eventually earned a J.D. degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School and a master of accounting degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management.

Dan builds his team by focusing on collaboration and consultation. His team’s goal is to continually improve the quality of healthcare provided by CHG and find the best possible assignments for its physicians.

Alan McIver, Group President, RNnetwork, Foundation Medical Staffing, and CompHealth Allied

Alan grew up among the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. His father, an airline pilot, was a powerful example of perseverance and integrity. Inspired by his dad, Alan intended to become a pilot as well. But that idea came to a screeching halt when he applied for flight certification and found out he has color blindness and could never fly commercial planes.

Uncertain of what to do with his life, Alan dropped out of high school and spent the next year trying his hand at a variety of professions. His father patiently watched these wanderings and then suggested that college was the answer. He set up an appointment for Alan with the dean of admissions at the University of Utah and handed him a ticket to Salt Lake City. Motivated by the faith his parents had in him, Alan excelled in his studies and went on to earn a finance degree and MBA from the University of Utah.

Alan brings 25 years of industry experience to his role at CHG and is thrilled to be part of the important work we do here. He strives to lead with the same ethics his father embodied and is committed to helping his team develop both professionally and personally. Alan and his family love the openness of Utah’s terrain and spend as much time outdoors as possible. He is a die-hard car and motorcycle enthusiast, and can often be found racing his Ducati superbike.