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Going Places: Chris Friend

6/4/2012 11:33 AM


In the Going Places series, we profile leaders at CHG and discover what they’ve learned throughout their time at the company.

Name: Chris Friend

Position: Business intelligence manager for Weatherby Healthcare and Foundation Medical Staffing in Edmond, Okla.

Years at CHG: Seven.

What is your most memorable experience at CHG? Shortly after we were acquired by CHG, CEO Mike Weinholtz and a few others came to Oklahoma to celebrate, so we had lunch catered. So it’s me and Mike at the end of the line, and there’s one piece of chicken left. He insisted I take it. Around here, people still think it was more like me insisting he not take it – not true, of course.

What is your favorite core value and why? Integrity. Without integrity and ethics in an organization (whether it is expressed as a core value or not), the other core values don’t amount to much. The fact that we do uphold that as a core value and live by it is an important part of our culture.

What is your career background and what brought you to CHG? I was a teacher and coach for several years before a career change that led me to outside sales. I knew our former president, Mark Smith, on a personal level, and he asked me if I would ever be interested in the medical staffing industry. At the time I wasn’t, but as we know from being in the staffing business, things have a way of changing. Six months after that conversation, I found myself pursing an opportunity with FMS.

What is your favorite part about your job? As a teacher/coach at heart, I’ve always enjoyed being able to help people accomplish something. I’ve been able to do that as a consultant and trainer and now do so for our organizations and leaders in the arena of business intelligence. But all that takes a back seat to the great people I work with at Foundation and Weatherby.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work? I definitely spend most of my non-work time with my wife, Jenny, and our four children, ranging in age from two to seven. I try to enjoy that time as much as possible.

What have you learned about yourself working at CHG? I’ve learned more about my own personality type and skills and how they fit in a sales-driven organization.

How have you grown as a leader at CHG? I’d had firsthand experience with good and bad leadership, but I wouldn’t have been able to clearly define the differences. Working at CHG, I’ve been able to better identify those things and embrace the good.

Who has influenced you most in your career at CHG and how? There are many to whom I owe a lot of credit, but Scott Jeppsen’s approach to sales and the way he articulated how the CHG Way of Selling affects one’s business and personal life was very influential. Pat Kennedy has identified my strengths and helped me into a new role; and the way she has embraced Foundation has had a tremendous impact also.

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