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What We Do Matters

See employee artwork in the CHG Artists' Circle!

5/21/2012 10:45 AM

As part of Employee Appreciation Week, employees throughout CHG shared artwork that reflects the company's core values:

- Putting People First
- Integrity and Ethics
- Quality and Professionalism
- Continuous Improvement
- Growth

Check out the entries below!

Erin Barylski

Core value represented: Continuous Improvement

Description: "I have always felt that my art grows through me pushing myself to continue to explore and push myself physically -- both with my paint and my ideas of movement on a canvas."

Erin, who creates artwork using her whole body, has been featured on The Late Show and America's Got Talent. Most recently, her work was featured in a gallery during Art Basel, an international art show held in Miami, Fla. Learn more about her work at her website, Splits Art.

James Boley

Core value represented: Putting People First

Description: "A quilt is a single blanket. One covering to keep a person warm. While one can share a quilt, all people using a quilt need to bundle together; it can't be ripped apart and be useful. A quilt is several pieces of material, all unique, all different, which come together to make a larger blanket. Remove one patch, and the quilt loses its look and functionality. Remove more patches, and the quilt falls apart.
CHG is like a quilt. We are one company, bound together in a unique culture and look that makes us an industry leader. By putting each other first, we ensure that we remain united and as one."

Grant Olsen

Core value represented: Putting People First

Description: "While traveling through India, I got hit with a severe case of food poisoning. Although I was sick as a dog, I didn't want to waste a single day. We drove to the beautiful city of Amer and hiked up to the ancient fortress at the top of the mountain.
I was in agony by the time we reached the fortress. As I stumbled into the courtyard, this boy greeted me with the kindest smile I've ever seen. He spoke to me in Hindi and I could tell he wanted to know if I was okay. I was touched by this boy's 'Putting People First' attitude and snapped a photo of him. It's now one of my all-time favorites."

Roz Ospino

Core value represented: Growth

Description: ”As we are number 9 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2012 list, we are acquiring more talented staff, represented in the colored dots in different colors. Each one of us is a unique individual, and by being unique, we will reach the number 1 position. In the meantime, we are expanding our services by finding more and more providers that serve our communities across the whole nation. We hope that every physician that is working out there is one that CHG has placed.”

Lori Price

Core value represented: Growth

Description: "With a solid foundation, CHG is branching out to achieve new heights."

Core value represented: Quality

Description: "Our grade of excellence is above all the rest."

Weatherby Healthcare primary care team


Core value represented: Quality and Professionalism

Description: Weatherby Healthcare's primary care team created a rap video to celebrate CHG's core values and their team's mission. See the full video on YouTube and check out the song lyrics below:

May the journey begin, warrior, hero and friend.
It takes everything you have to make the win.
Wake up every mornin’ with my coffee black;
The new dawn rises with the wind at my back.
Breathing in the day, thinking about my team,
Making it just in time for the stand-up scene.
Making our calls, day in and day out --
Do it for the patients and not the payout;
Also for the children and for the broken,
For those forgotten, for those who keep hoping.
No pain, no gain; every day is a fight,
But in the end it’s worth it, when the doc’s on-site
Seeing patients -- there are lives to spare.
Staffing docs in clinics is my primary care
From rural areas to city streets,
People helping people -- imagine peace.
From rural areas to city streets,
People helping people -- imagine peace.

Rose Woolstenhulme

Core value represented: Integrity and Ethics

Description: "This piece reflects CHG's core values of Growth, Quality and Integrity. Bees are the most important pollinating insects. They help the growth of nature and provide the quality honey for human consumption. They certainly have integrity in their labor."


Kimberly DelValle says:
Lori these pictures are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!  Thank you soo much for sharing.  Just the peace that they give off is amazing.

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