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Norwalk office makes pizza with pizzazz

5/3/2012 12:20 PM

When the CompHealth permanent placement team in Norwalk, Conn., makes a pizza, they don’t stop at cheese and pepperoni; they go the extra mile with pesto, truffle oil and even ziti.

On April 10, John Giglietta, vice president of CompHealth permanent placement, brought in a six-foot grill, pizza dough and mozzarella for an extra cheesy team-building event.

201200501_Norwalk Pizza Party_5 spatula.jpg

Robin Poole, a recruiter at CompHealth permanent placement, says that the employees broke into teams of four with the challenge of making a pizza that would make even an Italian chef jealous.

“It was up to each team to supply a bit of imagination with toppings,” Robin says. “John emphasized that it wasn’t a competition, but you couldn’t tell each team that! The show was on!

20120501_Norwalk Pizza Party_5 Roland and Pamela.jpg

In the end, the teams turned out a number of pizzas, topped with everything from traditional pepperoni and sausage - to fancy fontina cheese and prosciutto. There was even a daring pizza loaded with ziti.

“It was great fun and a great team-building exercise,” Robin says. “Speaking of exercise, that’s what we all needed when all was said and done!”

20120501_Norwalk Pizza Party_4 Kevin and Trevor.jpg20120501_Norwalk Pizza Party_1.jpg20120501_Norwalk Pizza Party_2Abbott.jpg
20120501_Norwalk Pizza Party_3 Greg.jpg


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