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Find out who job shadowed at CHG!

4/27/2012 9:26 AM

CHG’s corporate communication team hosted a junior high student, Megan, April 19 as part of her school’s job shadow day!

Megan, who aspires to be a book editor, learned about editing and proofreading skills, became familiar with AP style and the Chicago Manual of Style and worked on several editing projects with members of the corporate communication team. She also asked questions about education, work experience and the best skills to have for a career in editing.


“Having Megan join our team for the morning was a pleasure! Given she has aspirations to be an editor, I wanted to give her a sneak peek of what working in CHG’s corporate communication department meant,” shares Suzanne Petty, marketing specialist. “Our corporate communication manager, Vanessa Hoy, and CompHealth locum tenens engagement coordinator, Maryam Pedraza, took the lead in showing Megan the process for writing, editing and publishing news stories, articles and features. It’s always fun to share your knowledge with someone else, and we all enjoyed helping Megan get a taste of corporate communication. I think Megan had a pretty good time, too!”


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