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Meet the newest directors in the CompHealth locum tenens division!

4/17/2012 12:10 PM

Alisa Weeks, left, and Brooke Bowers were both promoted to director roles.

The CompHealth locum tenens division recently promoted two of its leaders to director positions in the company! Learn more about their new roles below:

Alisa Weeks

Alisa Weeks has been promoted to family practice specialty director. She started at CHG nearly six years ago as the manager of the CompHealth locum tenens subspecialties teams and later joined the primary care team as a sales manager before becoming the manager of the family practice team. From residency recruiting to senior sales, Alisa has positively influenced far more teams than those she directly led. The family practice team has experienced its largest growth under her leadership, which Alisa attributes to the people she works with and her passion and focus on team engagement. In her new role, Alisa will focus on the growth and development of the family practice team, which includes 20 members.

Brooke Bowers

Brooke Bowers has been promoted to specialty director of the OB/GYN team. She joined CHG more than 10 years, starting as an administrative assistant on the radiation oncology team. She later moved into a sales role as a provider representative and then a client representative and eventually accepted the position of placing manager on the OB/GYN team. Brooke was promoted to operations manager of the OB/GYN team in 2008, and has helped the team achieve great growth and high engagement scores — and six members of the team earned spots at President’s Club last year! In her new role, Brooke will focus on the growth and development of the OB/GYN team, which includes 13 members.


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