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First Impressions: Christal Potter

3/30/2012 4:52 PM

First Impressions is all about getting the inside scoop on exactly what our newest employees think of CHG.

For Christal Potter, an associate recruiter at CompHealth locum tenens in Salt Lake City, coming to work for CHG after eight years of self-employment wasn't such a huge leap, thanks to great managers who were dedicated to her growth and improvement. Christal knew she would like working here on her very first day and now,  one year later, she still recommends that any potential CHG employees do whatever it takes work at CHG, even if it means submitting a resume six times!

What do you do at CHG and what do you like about your job?

I am a provider associate recruiter on the emergency medicine team. I started at CompHealth locum tenens as an assignment coordinator on that team. After 10 months, an associate position opened, and I asked to be considered. It was made evident that sales is where I belong, and I feel it has been the best move for me. The beauty of CHG is that there is so much opportunity for growth. The ability to improve, advance and excel is limitless. CHG really cares about employees being engaged and working to the best of our abilities. I love being a part of a company where the personal accountability of each individual  is an important part of keeping us the number-one company in healthcare staffing. I like the challenge and personal rewards of helping doctors and clients, as well as all the people being served by our doctors. All around, this company is the best!

When did you come to CHG?

Feb 8, 2011, was my first day.

How did you hear about CHG and what made you want to apply?

My friend, a manager of assignment coordinators at CompHealth locum tenens, had been telling me about CompHealth for four years. When I was finally ready to look for work, I looked into CompHealth because  she spoke so highly of the company. The reviews, information and structure all made it sound like a company I would want to work for.

Where were you working before you came to CHG?

I was self-employed in real estate investing for eight years prior to working here. I absolutely loved my career. It was devastating to me and my family when I had to close the doors due to the decline in the real estate market. I would only consider working for a company that I could be happy with. CHG has fulfilled that.

How has working at CHG compared to your other working experience?

I really appreciate getting paid time off. Having structure with a well-established company provides a sense of security. Even though I am used to running my own show, it has not been a hard transition to have managers because they are all genuinely here to help us improve. It is also a fun environment with games, challenges, great people and so much positivity surrounding me.

What can you tell me about your first day?

My first day was very eye-opening and helped to solidify my contentment at being hired on. The training was first-class. I felt wanted and welcome. As new people, we haven’t even proven our worth, and yet it was amazing to see executives eating lunch with us and having one-on-one discussions! I knew I would like working here from my very first day.

What has been your most memorable experience so far?

I would have to say when I was able to be a part of the United Way events. CHG sponsored helping out in the community while paying us for a day’s work. It shows how CHG not only cares for its employees, but everyone in the community as well. I never fail to be continually amazed at the caliber of amazingness (if that’s a word) of this company.

Do you have any advice for new or potential CHG employees?

Do whatever it takes to get hired. This IS the best company to work for. In my book, they should be No. 1, not No. 9 on Fortune's list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. Even if you have to submit a resume six times, keep trying.


Zakrey Coon says:
Christal is an amazing person! I am just lucky to get to work with her everyday. 
Rebecca Carstensen says:
Being a family member, it is a treat to be able to hear how much Christal loves her job. She makes it sound like one of those too good to be true careers. If I moved to the SLC valley it would be my first choice in employment because of her positive experience.
Charity Martushev says:
Christal is great! She came to a few of my CORE training classes and was easy to get to know, friendly and extremely helpful in giving us an idea of what to expect. If you don't know her, get to know her!

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