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Michelle Genna elected marketing vice president for Utah AMA

3/9/2012 4:32 PM

​Michelle Genna, senior CompHealth brand manager, has been elected vice president of marketing for the Utah chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA)! In her role, which officially begins in June, Michelle will manage the AMA brand in the Utah market and develop and manage marketing activity to strengthen the visibility, presence and interest in the brand from the Utah business community.

"This is a great opportunity to get CHG Healthcare further involved in helping to advance and shape the marketing dialogue in our community," Michelle says.

Other marketing team members are also involved in the Utah AMA, including Leslie Snavely, CHG's vice president of marketing, who serves as an honorary board member.

The Utah AMA is focused on connecting marketers, keeping them informed about the industry's best practices and advancing their marketing careers in Utah. Learn more and see how you can get involved by visiting the Utah AMA website.


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