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Going Places: Morris Jensby

3/5/2012 12:22 PM


In the Going Places series, we profile leaders at CHG and discover what they’ve learned throughout their time at the company.

Name: Morris Jensby

Position: Vice president of CHG’s risk management team

Years with CHG: Nearly 5

What is your most memorable experience at CHG?

Having Mike Weinholtz and Sean Dailey (CHG’s CEO and CFO) take the risk management team to lunch at Porcupine Grill when we were the first to reach 100 percent participation in the employee survey a couple years ago. No “prize” had been discussed, but I just asked them to do it and they did. It is such a great example of why I came to work at CHG and why I look forward to coming to work here every day. Leaders are encouraged to engage as people with people, and we have great role models.

What is your career background and what brought you to CHG?

I started as a claim trainee with St. Paul Insurance as my first job out of college. Eight job changes, six moves and 24 years later, I realized my training was complete (and they left the healthcare business)! I was the general manager for a medical liability claim management company for four-and-a-half years. Initially I came to CHG in my capacity as national accounts manager at St. Paul to assist in transitioning St. Paul loss data to CHG. A couple of years later, I was stalked by a ‘who’ (vice president of quality management Susan Collier) at a national risk conference when CHG was looking for a new TPA (third-party administrator). Through my interactions as a vendor to CHG, I was able to observe the company and the leadership from an outside perspective, and I knew that this was an organization that shared my personal and professional values and ambitions. It took me longer than many CHG employees to find a great job with this fantastic company.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I get to practice being an insurance and risk management nerd, work with great people, have new challenges every day and see people who smile at work. It took me almost 30 years to have the qualifications to work here, and it was worth it.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

I love to hike and snowshoe with my wife and friends. I also like cooking -- especially grilling almost everything imaginable -- for family and friends, traveling to places near and far, and being ‘Papa’ to my granddaughter. If you think I’m goofy at work, you should see me with a two-year-old!

What have you learned about yourself working at CHG?

Working in a company that puts people first as a core business objective is the environment that makes me strive to do more and better every day.

How have you grown as a leader at CHG?

Learning and experiencing the concepts and practice of servant leadership from the executive team and other leaders has brought me to a greater understanding of the success of CHG and has given me new energy to learn more and lead better.

Who has influenced you most in your career at CHG and how?

It would be the incredible team of people who make up our combined team of CVO, QM, legal and RM. They have challenged me on a daily basis to bring my best game to my workplace, to care more deeply about co-workers than I ever knew was possible and have given me the opportunity to practice, practice, practice and improve my management skills.


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