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My CHG Story: Gavin Hunter

3/5/2012 9:24 AM

Gavin Hunter, senior sales representative for CompHealth allied health staffing in Salt Lake City, has been with CHG for six years. Over the years, Gavin has changed roles many times, but he has always worked for the lab team, where he supplies the nation with medical technologists, allowing locum tenens to get the blood work they need.

While he enjoys his job, Gavin’s favorite part about CHG is the people.

“I work with friends, not colleagues,” Gavin says. “We all work hard, but our division plays hard, too. It is like working for a family: we all have fun, but we do argue every so often, too, just like a family.”

Read Gavin's story about how CHG management and employees helped him with a family emergency.2012-03-02 Gavin Hunter MY CHG STORY.jpg

I have experienced so many things working for CHG, such as people constantly copying my [British] accent, dealing with crazy providers and being the all-time Wii Hula Hoop champion. However, I think one of the things that really sticks out for me is the way that the company really cared about my family when my wife was sick in the last few years.

CHG doesn’t see things like FMLA as a burden set forth by the government; instead, they embrace it and really work within their power to assist you. While my wife was recovering after a few surgeries, someone had to take care of our two handfuls that go by the name of Milo and Lola -- and that someone ended up being me. Management really helped me with my schedule and so many employees offered their personal PTO, which allowed me to balance my work and family with ease.

You feel like you are part of a family and that both management and employees alike, really care for your well-being. Also, while being “Mr. Mum” I really got to understand what my wife meant about our current vacuum not being able to “do the job.” It was awful. We got a new one within a week of me having to use it.


Trisha Beason says:
Love the car!
Nicole Thurman says:
Gavin, we are glad to have you! Thanks for sharing your story.
Stuart Knight says:
I remember that car !!!

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