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CHG's website receives a record-breaking 21,000 page views!

2/22/2012 4:14 PM

As our leaders and even The Two Steves explained during the recent Bigger, Better, Stronger Road Show, CHG Healthcare and CHG Pulse have undergone some changes to better reflect our culture!

Launched two days before the 2012 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list announcement Jan. 19, the CHG Healthcare and CHG Pulse websites received more than 21,000 page views following the announcement. Traffic from, which revealed the Fortune list, increased by 56 percent, and traffic from Google increased by 435 percent.

The process was a collaboration among CHG's IT, creative, interactive and corporate communication teams and began in summer 2011. Some of the changes to and CHG Pulse include new logos with bright, vibrant colors, a focus on CHG employees and partners, a simplified careers page, a redesigned core values graphic and the integration of CHG Pulse with

Jennifer Mayhew, CHG's director of corporate marketing and leader of the redesign project, says the redesign of both sites reflects the different skills and expertise of people who work at and with CHG.

"The bright colors better capture a lively, fun atmosphere within CHG, and the images are always about people -- our people and the people we work with and support," she says. "There is a stronger focus on capturing the story of our people. You'll see images of people smiling and being satisfied in what they do. We want the story of Putting People First and the heart of our employees to come through."

For Tina Lang, CHG's creative team traffic coordinator, working on the website redesign meant finding people in the company to be photographed -- though she had worked at CHG for less than a year herself and was still getting to know people.

"Since the creative director was even newer than I to CHG and the photographer didn't know anyone either, it often fell to me to engage co-workers with conversation and silliness to loosen them up a bit on camera," Tina shares. "We wanted it to come across to everyone outside CHG what a fantastic personality the CEO, Mike Weinholtz, has, so I was talking to him about everything, including weekend plans. I even offhandedly invited him to an after-work party at my home. He noted that his wife was in control of his weekend schedule and that his time was not his own -- so imagine my surprise when he actually showed up to my party that evening. It blew everyone's mind and is a great example of how approachable he is!"

Kyle Power, director of interactive marketing, says the redesign project brought a wide group of employees together and allowed him to get to know people on different teams.

"The most enjoyable part of the project was reading some of the older posts [on CHG Pulse] and learning about individuals in the company," Kyle says. "I built new relationships with people on different teams, and I built pride in CHG."


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