Growth and Development

The Benefits of Award-winning Training

We are committed to the ongoing development of each of our people, whether it’s in a current role, as a potential leader, or as a seasoned manager. Each year, we set aside a dedicated budget for investing in ongoing training and development that supports our company's strategic goals and ensures our people enjoy rewarding careers. Those who join the CHG team will discover quickly that CHG takes an active role in preparing them for a promising future.

We offer courses, resources, and support for professional and personal development, sales training, leadership development, team building, coaching resources, and technical training. Even during the recent challenging economic times, we continued to invest in the growth and development of our people.

In addition to comprehensive job-specific training and ongoing mentoring that give people the tools they need to create success in their area of focus, CHG provides the following growth and development opportunities:

Foundational Training

Every new hire attends our three-and-a-half day Foundational Training course at our corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the training, new employees are introduced to our core values and culture, learn listening and communication techniques, and explore how to build solid relationships with their peers and customers.

Leadership Evaluation and Assessment Program (LEAP)

A three-month program, LEAP presents people who are recognized as candidates for future leadership with a customized growth and development plan. LEAP is a steppingstone to possible leadership opportunities at CHG and is an opportunity for valuable career education.

Leadership Essentials and Development (LEAD)

This program provides leadership skill development over a five- to six-month period through in-person, video conference, and telephone discussions. All new leaders, whether promoted from within or newly hired, are given the opportunity to participate in this program.

Partners in Performance: Mentoring

This new addition to our growth and development programs is offered quarterly and requires a nine-month commitment from participants. Mentors and mentees submit applications and are paired by a committee based on strengths and desired outcomes. The selected participants are given guidelines to help ensure their partnership is effective. Regular mentoring sessions are held and mentees take away at least one action item from each session.

Learning Center

In 2010, we invested even more substantially in our people by creating a Learning Center at the corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah. This 3,000 sq. ft. center features state-of-the-art video conferencing, which provides real-time interaction for our seven offices across the country. In addition to this, we have dedicated learning and development facilities in our major division locations.

National Recognition

The success of these programs is evident. Thirty-five percent of our workforce has been with CHG five years or longer, 12 percent for 10 or more years, and 22 employees have been with CHG for 20 or more years.

We have been recognized by Training Magazine every year since 2009 as one of 125 companies with the best employee training programs in the world, which speaks highly of the caliber of training we offer.

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