Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

A Culture of Service

Doing good and finding ways to help others is simply part of the mindset at CHG. This culture of service is predicated on the important role we play in providing healthcare to those who need it. Our data suggests that we touch the lives of six million patients and their families every year, and our people are empowered by this important work. When your day-to-day routine provides life-saving healthcare to those who need it most, it’s easy to get excited about new opportunities to serve.

We take great pride in where we live and work, and we are committed to serving our communities. As part of this commitment, CHG has a longstanding partnership with the United Way, which has provided our people many opportunities to serve others. In 2009, the United Way of Salt Lake bestowed its highest honor upon CHG, naming us their Corporate Partner of the Year.

Our desire to serve inspires us to seek out ways to contribute to the greater good. For example, our annual blood drives have far-reaching effects and allow us to benefit individuals around the country who are in need. Many of our employees are involved either through company-sponsored events and donation drives or through other charitable efforts they support on their own. And many teams create team-building events and activities specifically around efforts to help increase donations to shelters and food banks.

CHG’s Green Committee provides employees with resources and information to help them become better informed about what they can do at work and at home to minimize and improve their effect on the environment. The committee’s role includes expanding CHG’s employee awareness and attitudes toward key environmental issues, including conservation, recycling and reduction of carbon emissions through green programs that evolve as we grow.

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